Top 4 festival hair trends

Whether you want to make a statement or hide your unwashed hair, we’ve got your back with a few easy step-by-step hairstyles and trends to ensure you look great at any festival you plan on attending.

Half up top-knot

Top Knot

A top-knot is the perfect hairstyle for when your hair may not be at its cleanliest. It’s an easy look to achieve that hides any grease or dirt building up, making it a great style to do a few days into a festival.

Step 1: Part the top section of your hair whilst leaving half of it down. You can tie up the bottom section if you’d like to keep it out of the way.

Step 2: Taking the hair you’ve just parted, begin to gently backcomb it in order to add some volume. Keep it in place by using some hairspray or texture powder and rub your fingers through the roots.

Step 3: Next, get all the hair together and twist it, then start to wrap it around into a bun – the backcombing you previously did will make this much easier. When you’ve created a bun, secure it with a hair tie.

Step 4: The bun may look lifeless at this stage, which is why bobby pins come into play. Start to pin down areas of the bun and play around with it until it becomes the shape that you want.

Step 5: Once the bun is done, you can untie the bottom section and let it flow out again. Backcomb each side to add even more volume and even out the look. Now you’re done, simple!

Twisted crown braid


This looks like quite an advanced hairstyle once completed, but don’t worry, it’s fairly easy to do. Nothing screams ‘festival vibe’ more than braids, and this style will make people think you’ve come straight from Coachella (or if that is your festival of choice, you’d fit in perfectly.)

Step 1: Part your hair down the centre. Begin by taking two equal sized strands from one side of the front of your head, and start to twist them around one another, adding another small amount of hair to each strand as you go.

Step 2: Once you get to the back of your head, stop adding more hair and just twist the two strands until they reach the end and tie them at the bottom.

Step 3: Repeat the exact same process on the other side of your head.

Step 4: Once both twisted braids are done, push a hole through one of them and pull the other one through. You can then use bobby pins to secure both of them in place.

Step 5: To finish off, take the hair ties out of both braids to allow the ends to flow back into the rest of your hair. Use your favourite hairspray to secure the style in place.

Flower crown

Flower Crown

Our love affair with flower crowns started back in 2014 and we still can’t get enough of the colourful, blooming wreaths of beauty sat on top of our heads. We may not be able to pull them off as an everyday staple, so a festival is the perfect chance to sport one. Here’s a quick guide on how to get crafty and make your own.

Step 1: Taking a piece of floral wire, form it into a circular shape that fits your head and cut off the excess. Tape it together with floral tape, wrapping it around several times so it’s secure.

Step 2: Still using floral tape, tape any green plants such as leaves and stems to form a base for your flowers.

Step 3: Pick the prettiest flowers you can find, or have bought, and decide how you would like them to be arranged on the crown. Make sure they still have at least 2cm worth of stem left so you can easily tape them down.

Step 4: Place the crown onto your head and make any adjustments until you’re satisfied with how it looks. You’re now ready to rock your very own home-made flower crown to your festival of choice.

Glitter hair

Glitter Hair

‘Glitter roots’ is a recent to trend that seemed to have popped out of nowhere, and it looks perfect to wear for festivals. What could possibly be an easier way to cover up greasy hair than to sprinkle some glitter onto it?

Step 1: Make sure your hair is parted so that you have a focus point for where to put the glitter, although you can simply sprinkle it onto a non-parted hairstyle such as a quiff if you wanted to.

Step 2: With glitter, a little goes a long way, so try not to empty the full pot onto your scalp. Take small amounts between your fingers and sprinkle it down the entire parting of your hair. Keep adding until you have the desired amount on your locks.

Step 3: Alternatively, you can use glitter gel. This is much less messy than normal glitter and will last longer in your hair once it has dried down. Simply spread the gel down the parting of your hair with your fingers and wait for it to dry before any further styling.

Step 4: Use some hairspray to set the glitter in place, and voila! You definitely won’t go unnoticed as you sparkle away in those festival lights.


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