Top 4 festival makeup trends

Makeup is a way of letting your artistic creativity flow whilst using your face as the canvas, so what could be a better time to step it up a notch than at a festival? As makeup lovers, we tend to get excited about even applying a basic look in the morning, so you can only imagine how thrilling it is to get an opportunity to play around with more intense colours and risqué products. Here are our top 4 makeup trends for a festival-ready face.


Glitter highlighter

Using glitter to highlight all the right areas of your face will keep you glowing all night long. The main trend of 2017 named ‘glitter strobing’ involves spreading glitter across the top of your cheekbones as if you’re using a normal highlighter, except this will be much more intense. You can use a little for a more subtle sparkle, or go all out cover your full cheekbone with that bad boy.

There are many more ways to use glitter than just for highlighting – adding a small amount to the inner corners of your eye will also give the same fairy-like effect and will open up and brighten your eyes. You can even add elements of glitter to any face paint you may have done to really help it pop.

 Face gems and jewels

Gems 2

Another way to add a dramatic effect to your makeup is through the use of face gems and jewels. From multi-coloured madness to an understated sparkle, the possibilities with using face gems are endless, so make sure to pick some up for the up-coming festival season.

For a more subtle look, you can use plain silver or gold gems to create a line above your eyebrows, and add just one in the centre below your eye. You can also spice it up by placing a pretty bhindi on the centre of your forehead. If you want to look even more impressive, get creative with different colours and create beautiful designs around your eye or on your cheekbones.

Rainbow highlight

Rainbow highlighter

Rainbow highlight broke the internet last summer, and we’re still all fascinated yet slightly terrified of it. However, there’s no need to be afraid once you master how to use it and become the unicorn you truly are.

To really rock this trend, gently swipe your brush into the highlighter – you don’t want to add too much otherwise you’ll get a very harsh rainbow swatch upon application – and simply brush onto your cheekbones, browbone, the tip of your nose, cupids bow, and the temples of your forehead. This will leave you with a very soft, colourful glow whenever light hits your face.

Liquid lipstick


Liquid lipsticks are undoubtedly the hottest lip product out there are the moment. They are long-lasting, matte, and will take a lot more than a few bites into your lunch to get rid of them. Sounds like the perfect kind of lipstick for festivals, right?

Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks are currently the best on the market with their amazing staying power and thin yet highly pigmented formulas. The great news is, they are now stocked in the UK by Beauty Bay and come in a range of daring colours.

Although the colour spectrum is much smaller, Maybelline’s Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks are also great and a cheaper alternative that you can easily pick up from your local Boots or Superdrug.


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