The complete guide to Radio 1’s Big Weekend

This year, BBC Radio 1 have selected the 2017 City of Culture, Hull, to be the host for the Big Weekend event. It will be held at Burton Constable Hall on 27-28 May. If you’re one of the lucky people to have bagged yourself one of the 50,000 free tickets, we have everything you need to know about the location, transport, and overall how to enjoy your time there to the maximum.


Didn’t get a ticket?

Don’t worry! Although the event has completely sold out, there are still some left for grabs for some lucky winners. Grimmy will text you a secret word you must say when answering the phone, and unless you want to play it safe and keep your winning tickets, you can even gamble for an extra pair for the opposing day. All you have to do is make sure a friend is also up and ready to answer their phone with the same word. Tune into BBC Radio 1 every day from 8am for further instructions on how to enter. Good luck!

BBC 1 will be completely covering the full weekend. Head over to the Big Weekend website to see live streams for both stages for both days. Don’t forget that Grimmy, Clara, and Greg from BBC Radio 1 will be broadcasting live from backstage too, so tune in if you really want to feel like you’re actually there from home. Watching performances from your favourite artists has never been so comfy!

What if you miss the live stream? Still, not to worry. For a full 30 days after the weekend up until midnight on 27 June, full sets from each of the artists will be available for you to watch on the BBC iPlayer. You won’t even have to feel guilty for watching Stormzy’s set over and over again. If your schedule is pretty busy, a set of the top performances will also be made to watch ready for your quick fix.

And lastly, what would be the point in social media if we can’t see what’s going on at our dream festivals? Highlights of all performances will be running on Twitter and Facebook, with live Q&A’s on Instagram. Make sure to follow BBC Radio 1 on all platforms so you don’t miss out.

What can I do for transport?

Due to the surrounding area of Burton Constable Hall being a small village, your ways of arriving at the festival are unfortunately going to be very limited in order to prevent congestion. You cannot walk, cycle, park, or drive there.

A regular shuttle bus service will run from 9am to 1:15pm, which you can catch from the following locations: Hull Paragon Interchange, Walton Street, Hull, Normandy Barracks, Leconfield, and Grove Hill, Beverley. The return buses will begin leaving the event at 2:30pm, and will continue until the event comes to a close. The bus will be £13 per person for each day, with an extra £7.50 charge per car at Park & Ride sites.

Booking for these closes on 17 May. There will also be an area for licensed taxi’s or privately hired cars to drop you off. For more information, simply visit the Big Weekend website.

BC_044 (3).png
Burton Constable Hall – The host for Big Weekend.

I know nothing about the location!

If you’re one of the ticket holders living outside of the area, why not get to know a little bit more about Hull? With it being the UK’s City of Culture this year, there are so many events going on during the week of Big Weekend that you could take a look at if you’re staying over. Click here for a full list of events during this busy and exciting week.

Kingston upon Hull – City Centre





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